Sunday, January 15, 2012

ADD Revelation

Like many people, I thought I knew what Attention Deficit Disorder was - that jittery, hyperactive kid literally running in circles, unable to sit still, keep his/her mouth shut and flunking school, their and their loved one's quality of life is dependent on ritalin or some kind of psychostimulant - until I randomly came across a documentary with Patrick McKenna called "ADD & Loving It?!" Trailer ---> There was this eerie feeling, thinking "How the hell is this random documentary so accurately summarizing my entire life?" It wasn't an "I can totally relate" kind of thing, it was a "Holy *%@3!)($!!!! HELL THAT IS ME!!!" So I immediately acquired a copy of Gabor Maté's "Scattered Minds: A New Look At The Origins And Healing Of Attention Deficit Disorder" <---Where you can read a couple chapters. I'm only onto Chapter 8 "A Surrealistic Choreography" and already so many nagging questions I've had about my life have been answered.

For anyone living with AD(H)D be it a loved one, or suspecting it in themselves any amount of library or internet research is likely to be revelatory, but above all I recommend Gabor Maté's book. He has a thoroughly scientific, holistic AND empathetic approach to all of his work as a physician with addicts in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, a Palliative Care Unit Co-ordinator, GP, author and public speaker.

As it stands, this is a total self-diagnosis. I'd like to eventually consult with a knowledgeable doctor on the matter. In any case, learning about ADD so far has inspired me to be a bit nicer to myself, and to start taking a bit more responsibility for my mental and physical well-being, because it's a f@cking labour intensive chore, but now I'm almost certain that it's worth it and that my quality of life can only improve.

Here's Gabor Maté on Democracy Now! ADHD, bullying and the destruction of the American Childhood Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

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