Monday, May 18, 2015

Attempts at Songwriting

A silly poem or a generally rhyming list about me:

Physically inactive
Mentally hyperactive
Easily distractive... (it's not a word but who really gives?)
Massively overreactive
Musically adrift
with a gift for the unimaginative.

Been attempting to write songs and finish some of the millions of musical ideas I start and never finish, when not giving into the urge to do yard work on these beautiful sunny spring days, because spring has sprang! There's also lunching with me ma n da, house work, cooking, baking, going for pho, walks at Neck Point, and, oh yes, the rabbit hole of news and information that is The Interwebs.

In the process of finding words there's this sudden urge to RHYME EVERYTHING or an EXPLOSION of ALLITERATION will happen out of the blue.

Fun times.

Side note: *this guy* sucks at guitar.
My song about sociopaths is so close it hurts! Literally... my fingies are crying! And apparently my guitar playing hurts to watch, let alone listen to.